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DPC THINK TANK: people generating ideas to transform the migrant reality in Sevilla

In September 2020 we began one of our star initiatives: the DPC THINK TANK : to generate proposals related to the migration world. The objective of this lab of ideas is to gather members, as diverse as possible of our surroundings, who are curious people, with resources -imagination, professional experience, and mainly, contacts…- but above […]

RAINDROPS participated in a virtual chat with Social Integration students in Granada

Within the Raindrops Program we have participated in virtual chats carried out for the pupils at the Integracion Social del C.E.S Santiago Ramón y Cajal in Granada, aiming at sharing experiences and thoughts about the realities of the young migrants that arrive in Spain without their family references. In this meeting, Bachir, Kone, Fadiga, Keba, […]

The RAINDROPS Program participated in a training chat with young students in Social Integration

At the RAINDROPS Program we had a fabulous meeting with the pupils of the cycle “Social Integration of the ERGOS Project”, which is taking place at the Centro Antonio Gala in the town of Dos Hermanas.  The objective was to share experiences of young migrants to think about their inclusion process, create propositions and improve […]

Opening the door to our home may transform a life. Check a new member of our family!

Check, one of our youngsters belonging to our STARFISH program has been taken in by Inma’s family, a friend and collaborator with DPC; an example of solidarity and sensibility which goes to show that other type of society is possible.. In the different meetings with our young “Starfish”, organized by DPC, Inma and her family […]