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Young migrants from our Starfish Program participate in research project about African migrant youth that come to Spain

DPC recently participated in the final day of the research project MENASMED: Minors and young African migrants in transcontinental route through the Strait of Gibraltar; study of the situation and proposals for intervention, funded by the Andalusian Agency for International Cooperation and Development Exp: 0I004/201. The conference was attended by the director of the Andalusian […]

Trinity Christian College Academy of Seville receives again the visit of our RAINDROPS Program

From our RAINDROPS Program we continue to raise awareness in educational institutions! Recently Emily and Alma shared a pleasant talk about the diverse migration experiences of people living in Seville with the students of the “Semester in Spain” program at Trinity Christian College Academy. In the conversation they shared about the circumstances that can lead […]

PODER MIGRANTE, a network of activists and collectives that claim the rights of the migrant community in Spain

Poder Migrante is a network of activists and collectives working for the rights of migrants. Its objective is to raise awareness and mobilize against structural racism, xenophobic discourses and policies that criminalize the migrant population. This network has its origin in self-organization and leadership of migrant/racialized individuals and groups. Understanding diversity and learning as “strengths”, […]

Flags as symbols of personal identity A creative project inspired by our young Starfish Program participants!

Diálogos Para Construir recently participated in the presentation of a project to create flags as a symbol of personal identity, developed by students of Graphic Design at the School of Art of Seville. This project is based on the idea of detaching flags from their limiting meaning and excluding territorial sense, and enhancing their symbolic […]

Alpha does not give up! His experiences shared in the radio program “No Te Rindas” are an example of courage and overcoming

Our dear Alpha recently participated in the program “No Te Rindas” broadcast on Canal Sur Radio. With his charisma and simplicity he shared part of his life in Liberia and his inclusion process when he arrived in Spain. In the program they talked about the importance of “affection”. Alpha explains what his life has been […]

OWO, an awareness-raising platform to prevent hate speech and hate crimes

Although it may seem to us that we have a lot of information and sensitized spaces to promote a society free of prejudice, hate speech and hate crimes, unfortunately, are still frequent. Many people continue to be disrespected because of their origin, ethnicity, sexual identity, ideology, etc., which makes it necessary to continue developing awareness […]

The Raindrops program collaborates with the CAS Program of the San Francisco de Paula International School of Seville

The Raindrops Program, through the Project “Youth, Society and Transformation”, is collaborating with the C.A.S. Program (Creativity, Activity, Service) of the International School San Francisco de Paula of Seville. The objective is to develop the skills of their students with creative actions at the SERVICE of society. Our proposal is divided into two main actions: […]

Raindrops Program inspires students at Seville School of Art to create “social campaign” projects

The third-year students of Graphic Design at the School of Art of Seville recently presented proposals for “social campaigns” inspired by the work of Diálogos Para Construir. An excellent initiative derived from the first actions of the Raindrops Program that we had with the Graphic Design teacher, Ana Lorente.  With the objective of linking the […]