Laugh for a cause! A Solidarity Initiative by “The Improvites” to benefit DPC

“The Improvites” (Seville), a group of improvisation and comedy actors, performed last November 18th one of their usual presentations in our city, but, this time, with the objective of donating the money of the tickets to DPC.

Paul Singleton and Bob Rouf founded “The Improvites” about ten years ago. They loved watching the British show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and thought it would be fun to try to do that kind of show. So, they learned the sketches and started performing in Paul’s living room. Since then, their team has grown to six people and for the last four years they have been performing in different bars in Seville as the only English-speaking comedy act in town.

The initiative to raise funds for our organization came as an idea of our collaborator Randa, who is the hostess of “The Improvites”. She proposed to the rest of the artists to do a benefit show in favor of DPC… And the group, with a lot of enthusiasm, said YES!

This idea and activity arose in the context of the “Thanksgiving” holiday that, year after year, our collaborators from the United States celebrate. It is lived as a time to give thanks and to share with those in need. 

From Diálogos Para Construir we thank all the artists of this project for choosing to help our organization. This support allows us to continue extending our help to the migrants we accompany.