Trinity Christian College Academy of Seville and Lady Drama Café Teatro open their doors to RAINDROPS. A great way to start the year!

We have started this 2023 with a lot of enthusiasm and with the commitment to multiply our awareness actions! From our Raindrops Program we coordinate various meetings with companies, universities, institutes, schools, and other groups of people interested in having a reflective dialogue on interculture and coexistence. In these first months of the year we have already shared talks at Trinity Christian College Academy in Seville and at Lady Drama Café Teatro.

Trinity Christian College Academy in Seville received us again. On this occasion, Emily and Brice participated to share a talk with the students and faculty of the center. Brice, who is one of the Raindrops volunteers, talked about her complicated journey from Cameroon to Seville. Everything he experienced and the challenges he had to overcome. Listening to him was very shocking for the people that were present.

“It is very touching to see the youth with this interest in raising awareness about African – West African immigration”Brice.

With Raindrops, we have also started to visit the Lady Drama Café Teatro in Seville, to share good times and toast to the cause that inspires us. Every Thursday, the “Trivia Nights” are held in this bar, a space with open microphone and we have signed up!

The lovely ‘Trivia Team’ has been a great support for DPC since, in addition to being able to talk a little about our goals, we receive what people who play Trivia generously donate. We’ve shared some interesting surprises… for example, they met Alpha! In front of a packed room, he spoke about his experiences as an immigrant, commenting on the challenges he has faced and all the positive things he has encountered along the way. He stressed the importance of tolerance and generosity.

Alpha, Emily and our dear and dedicated volunteer, Randa, were happy for the support received at this event.

We are very grateful to Trinity Christian College Academy of Seville and Lady Drama Café Teatro for facilitating these meetings and allowing us to comment a little about the work we do and, above all, to share in first person various migratory experiences.

Knowing the reality of migrants is fundamental to generate tolerance, empathy and a change that positively influences the construction of an inclusive society.