Keba participated in an interview for the program “No Te Rindas” of Radio Andalucía Información

The program “No Te Rindas” of Radio Andalucía Información interviewed Keba. This radio program is dedicated to show testimonies of people who have had to face different challenges in their lives and how they have overcome all the difficulties without giving up. Our Keba is one of those brave people!

Keba talks about his childhood in Senegal, his decision to migrate to Spain and his constant need to cope with difficulties.  All this makes him an example of overcoming, as he shares in the pleasant chat he had with Miguel Fernández in the program. You can listen to the complete interview through the following podcast of his broadcast on Sunday, November 7. (Starting at minute 24).

We thank Miguel Fernández and Radio Andalucía Información for the provided to Keba  to participate in the program “No Te Rindas”. We believe it is a very valuable space to make visible the stories of many people who every day go ahead and give us great examples of resilience. “No Te Rindas” is broadcasted every Sunday at 6:00 pm on Radio Andalucía Información.