Our RAINDROPS Program visited Trinity Christian College Academy in Seville

As part of the activities of the “RAINDROPS” Program, Alpha and Emily shared this week a talk with the students of the “Semester in Spain” program at Trinity Christian College Academy. The objective was to exchange experiences of inclusion and add to the knowledge of the reality of migrant youth in Seville.

Alpha spoke a little of his story, his migration path, his challenges and all the achievements he has made in his process of inclusion in Spain. In every “Raindrops” experience Alpha transmits his deep capacity to overcome and the hope to continue reaching his dreams; besides his charisma and his sense of humor make the talk very pleasant and emotional.

The attendees showed, from the first moment, a deep interest in the shared experience, they got involved and asked several questions to both Alpha and Emily. She spoke about the work that we develop from DPC for the benefit of the migrants we accompany.

“Semester in Spain” is a program where foreign students in Seville are trained in the Spanish language, having also different experiences that make them participate in the local culture. Bringing the reality of migration closer to their educational environment is also an opportunity for them to learn about other processes of inclusion, the importance of intercultural coexistence and, above all, to awaken empathy.

We thank Trinity Christian College for opening its doors to us and we are very happy to have shared this experience!