RELEASE: The reform of the “Reglamento de Extranjeria” (Immigration regulations) has been approved and will benefit migrant youth

Today, October 19, 2021, the Spanish Government has approved a reform of the “Reglamento de Extranjeria” which will benefit the integration of foreign minors and young ex-tutored. The modification of articles 196,197 and 198 of the “Reglamento de Extranjería” promotes said inclusion and homologates Spain with its neighboring countries.

The actual situation didn’t contemplate the inclusion of these minors who, in several occasions, found themselves in situations of irregularity once they became of age. Also, rights were inculcated to foreign persons with ages between 16 and 18 years old who, compared to those born in Spain and being the same age, didn’t have a work permit.  On the other hand, economic means were required far from reality.  All this has been modified and in Dialogos para Construir, we are very happy for these changes which had been requested since long time ago in this sector.

We are grateful for the collaboration of 11 autonomous communities in the new drafting. We are pleased that the demands of so many institutions -including El Defensor del Pueblo-, and of so many non-profit organizations involved in facilitating inclusion for these boys and girls, are finally seeing a hopeful result. But, above all, we celebrate the opportunities that are opening up for some 15,000 people. It seems to us that the step taken is a matter of social justice. For those of us who collaborate with Diálogos Para Construir, nothing would be better than to see them working and earning money soon. We need them and they need us – it doesn’t seem so difficult!