Trinity Christian College Academy of Seville receives again the visit of our RAINDROPS Program

From our RAINDROPS Program we continue to raise awareness in educational institutions! Recently Emily and Alma shared a pleasant talk about the diverse migration experiences of people living in Seville with the students of the “Semester in Spain” program at Trinity Christian College Academy.

In the conversation they shared about the circumstances that can lead a person to migrate and about migration for reasons of sexual diversity and gender. Some preconceived ideas about refugees were also dismantled.

Alma shared a bit of her story and the reasons that led her to migrate to Spain, the challenges and achievements in her inclusion process and the importance for the host society to grow in empathy, giving space to those who arrive looking for a safe place or better life opportunities.

Alma and Emily

The students and teachers present were very attentive and very interested in the shared experience! There is no doubt that these encounters are a wonderful opportunity to establish an open and empathetic dialogue to talk about migration beyond the data. It allows us to focus on people and to take a leading role in the transformation of a diverse society.

“Semester in Spain” is a program where foreign North American students in Seville are trained in the Spanish language, having also different experiences that make them participate in the local culture. Bringing the reality of migration to their educational environment is also an opportunity for them to learn about other processes of inclusion and the importance of intercultural coexistence.

We thank Trinity Christian College for opening their doors to us again!