Accompanying Keba in his academic projects and administrative regulation in Spain

Keba is a young man with many proposed objectives. One of his main goals is his academic growth, which he is achieving due to a scholarship that has permitted him to start a degree in Administration and Management (ADE) at the Loyola University in Andalusia.

This training is an important opportunity for his job inclusion process, aside from the personal experiences that he is living in academic surroundings in which he can develop many of his capacities.  We hope this will be worthwhile in helping his country, Senegal,  which is always in his mind and heart.

Even though he lost his mentor, friend and “foster father”, Keba has been able to manage all the changes in his life since then. But it is very clear to him, that in memory of Antonio, who always believed in him, he will achieve his goals.

DPC has been accompanying Keba in recuperating his administrative regulation in Spain, task that is possible thanks to the support of a network of people that believe in the migration project of this boy, who teaches us something every day with his perseverance, intelligence and compromise.

We will keep on collaborating in everything possible so that Keba may achieve his academic goals and other vital objectives. We are proud and happy to be a part in this process!