RAINDROPS participated in a virtual chat with Social Integration students in Granada

Within the Raindrops Program we have participated in virtual chats carried out for the pupils at the Integracion Social del C.E.S Santiago Ramón y Cajal in Granada, aiming at sharing experiences and thoughts about the realities of the young migrants that arrive in Spain without their family references.

In this meeting, Bachir, Kone, Fadiga, Keba, Alpha and Check shared their stories, the way they migrated and the every day life of their inclusion process.  Their testimonies were of special interest for the students, who, from their formation in their social field, will work closely with the reality of the migrant people; thus the development of their critical point of view is necessary, apart from the information shared daily in the media.

“The activity and the way in which you have presented it has been very pedagogical and dynamic. This makes the students learn a lot and, more importantly, makes them think, question and develop their critical thinking… which is very important in this sector” – Carmen, tutor of the Social Integration degree. 

The result of this experience turned out to be very satisfactory since, after our virtual visit, the groups that participated turned out communication materials – thinking about migration, highlighting the importance of empathy and knowledge to fight prejudices.

We would like to thank the C.E.S. Santiago Ramón y Cajal in Granada and our contact, professor Enrique Ruiz, for his interest in our job and for making the meeting possible. We hope that this experience will contribute in and integral learning for his students!