Workshop on personal targets: an empowering tool for our young “Starfish”

As part of the intervention and social follow-up processes we develop with the young ones of our STARFISH PROGRAM, we carried out recently a workshop on “personal targets for our lives”, imparted by Marta Molina and Ramón Retamero, who belong to the INTERVENTION TEAM of our entity, and where all our young “Starfish” participated.

The objective of this training was to talk about the importance of establishing personal targets, to do a self-knowledge exercise and to find out what do we want to achieve in the short, middle and long term; also highlighting that, said targets have to respond to personal accomplishments and not to external expectations which may be influenced by family and culture among others..

In the first part of the workshop we talked about DPC objectives related to the “Starfish” which comes down to help them out in what they think is best for them; avoiding a paternalistic attitude. This helping them out is developed with an inclusive and integrating approach, looking for empowering and development of personal potential, holistic consideration of the person and all of this taking into account equality and liberty.

Afterwards, theoretical tools were shared as to how to pose targets and the steps to achieve them.  The response was very positive, each one talking from their experiences and concerns, taken as an opportunity to start to organize better their life projects.

This workshop is the first of a series of activities that, it is our intention, will provide important tools for our young “Starfish” in their social and working environment inclusion process and personal growth, enhancing the talents and knowledge which they already have.