The Raindrops Program participates in the Erasmus Project “MIGRATION IN EUROPE: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES” of the IES (Highschool) Hermanos Machado in Seville

Recently Alpha and Emily, as part of the awareness actions of the Raindrops Program, shared a talk at IES Hermanos Machado in Seville, addressed to the participants of the Erasmus Project “MIGRATION IN EUROPE: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES”, with teachers and students from Spain, Germany and Sweden.

The project was aimed at offering awareness-raising experiences on migration issues and their positive effects on society, culture, coexistence etc.

With key ideas on the subject, and mainly with the testimony of Alpha, we reaffirmed the importance of changing our views on migration; emphasizing what we can do to continue growing as a more inclusive society.

Alpha and Emily with the project’s teachers

The response received from students and faculty was really good! Many of the attendees exchanged ideas and questions, making the meeting an enriching moment.

“The visit was impressive. It is really a testimony that touches your heart, so close at the same time; it‘s not something that children think it only happens in the news, we see immigrant people in Seville. I think the kids have been very impressed, us teachers loved it, you do an incredible job” said Ana Pérez, English teacher at IES Hermanos Machado, Seville.

We celebrate the initiative of this project and thank the teachers of IES Hermanos Machado for the invitation!