The RAINDROPS Program participated in a training chat with young students in Social Integration

At the RAINDROPS Program we had a fabulous meeting with the pupils of the cycle “Social Integration of the ERGOS Project”, which is taking place at the Centro Antonio Gala in the town of Dos Hermanas.  The objective was to share experiences of young migrants to think about their inclusion process, create propositions and improve the hosting processes. And above all, to inform and eliminate myths and prejudices existing around migration.

The ERGO Project, uses a learning method (APS Aprendizaje-Servicio, APS Learning-Service) highlighting an active and pro- positive training, inviting the pupils to design codial project using real scenarios. The ERGO Project, uses a learning method (APS Aprendizaje-Servicio, APS Learning-Service) highlighting an active and pro-positive formation, inviting the pupils to design social projects using real scenarios.  This is how they came up with the initiative of an activity in collaboration with DPC. The meeting we had with RAINDROPS, allowed our young ones to share their experiences which gave important information and motivation to the students that participated.

It was also a great experience for Bachir, Kona and Alpha!  Sharing with boys their age strengthens their support networks, very important for their personal and social growth.

“There is a lot of misinformation published about immigration and this gives us a negative image… to me, it meant contributing with learning about their history and immigration in general, to be aware of a way of thinking, for them to know we are equal” Kone

“For me, the experience I lived with other kids, was amazing! I think it was a very enriching experience for both of us, and I say both, because as a foreigner we like to know what others think about us…Show them the true reality, and not the other image that others give of us. I felt valued and listened to.  In the end, no matter your culture or religion, we want peace and equality before hate and rejection” Bachir

We thank the teachers and students of Social Integration of the ERGOS Project for this shared experience!

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