Check is making progress in his process of social and labor inclusion

Check advances day by day in its process of social and labor inclusion in a satisfactory way. After receiving a scholarship from the Campus Aeronáutica Training Center, where he has completed three modules of theoretical training and two internships in companies; he has achieved his social roots papers through Aciturri SL, a company in the aeronautical sector. He is very happy and working with great enthusiasm!

Since we met Check three years ago, we could see in him a young man eager to learn, resilient and persevering. He immigrated to Spain from Ivory Coast and, upon arrival, applied for asylum.

After living for a while with a red card, waiting for the resolution to his request, the petition was denied; however, that did not discourage him and he continued to look for alternatives in order to achieve his regularization in Spain.

From our Starfish Program we have been adapting to Check’s circumstances to accompany him in his inclusion process. We arranged his stay with a foster family that was a big help in difficult moments. With them he established links that persist to this day. After we supported him with his rent and sustenance for the few months of his training until he obtained a work permit. 

To achieve his social roots we have also provided him with administrative and legal support, as well as intermediation with the contracting company Aciturri SL, a place where he can put into practice everything he has learned in the aeronautical training.

In my job I am an aeronautical warehouse operator. I am in charge of receiving and unloading with a forklift and an overhead crane the HTP (aircraft wings and tails for assembly).  I also serve the components for the assembly of metallic structures. I feel very happy and involved in the proper functioning of the work which is reflected through the improvements every week. This work has allowed my professional and personal development through the knowledge acquired in the company. For all these achievements I am thankful for the unconditional support of DPC.”– Check

Check is now financially independent and works with great enthusiasm! Check is unstoppable! And from DPC we are happy for all his achievements and we know that he can achieve much more if he sets his mind to it.

We want to continue sharing stories like Check’s, that’s why, day by day, we are working to strengthen our Starfish Program so that more young people, like him, have the opportunity to train and get their regularization in Spain.