Our Raindrops program participates at the Summer camp of the “Centro Norteamericano de Sevilla”

Diálogos Para Construir, with its Raindrops Program, was present in one of the Summer camp activities of the Centro Norteamericano de Sevilla. The visit consisted in chats with boys and girls of the center to talk about immigration and racism in Sevilla.

We explained the reality lived by many minors that arrive in Spain without their family references, the circumstances that makes them leave their country of origin and the troubles of a trip in which they risk their lives.

With the participation of Kone, Bachir, Emily and Ramón, an interesting dialogue was established with the different groups.  We made considerations about racism which, unfortunately, exists in Sevilla, but at the same time, the participants expressed that it is possible to change the mindset of society.

Bachir and Kone shared their daily experiences, both negative and positive, which helped to learn, in first person, the difficulties behind migration processes, but also the wish to overcome them and the hope that young people that arrive alone in an unknown country have.

Racism is never an easy thing to talk about, and for white parents and educators this often means that, unfortunately, we end up sweeping things under the rug or ignoring them altogether under the guise of ‘not knowing how to talk about it’. The workshop that Dialogos para Construir gave to our students was both incredibly important and enjoyable for our students, and it gave them the perfect opportunity to address the racial and social tensions that are more and more apparent in society today. As one teacher pointed out, students, no matter what their age, have a lot to say and ask about racism and bias.

One of the things that made these sessions such a positive experience was the involvement of the students: just like their name indicates, the organization focuses on dialogue, not speeches or lessons from adults. Our students were encouraged to give their views about racism, prejudice, and immigration in an open and safe environment; there were no wrong answers, or non-valid opinions.“. – Amy Niego (Centro Norteamericano Director).

Our visit was very dynamic, the different groups with which we chatted were very interested, giving their opinions in how we can achieve a society where nobody is discriminated because of their origin.  They understood the importance of respect towards others and the fight of equality and justice. We are very satisfied of having this experience!