PODER MIGRANTE, a network of activists and collectives that claim the rights of the migrant community in Spain

Poder Migrante is a network of activists and collectives working for the rights of migrants. Its objective is to raise awareness and mobilize against structural racism, xenophobic discourses and policies that criminalize the migrant population.

This network has its origin in self-organization and leadership of migrant/racialized individuals and groups. Understanding diversity and learning as “strengths”, they seek a transformation of the migrant reality that can only be achieved by acting as active political subjects and building a collective agenda against racism.

Its main actions are based on information and advocacy, generating debate and trying to influence the social-political structure that affects migrants and refugees.  It gives visibility to issues on regularization, labor rights, mobilizations against racism, research on migration and inclusion, among others.

All its activities and resources are available on its web platform: podermigrante.es. The communicative actions and formats used are diverse; all its contents are characterized by offering a critical approach, fostering dialogue and giving a voice to collectives that, most of the time, are invisibilized.


Poder Migrante understands the fight against racism as a transversal action in all contexts. They seek to develop a common project that protects diversities from Eurocentric hegemony and domination.

We believe that Poder Migrante is a very complete platform, which places the “migrant person” as an active subject of his or her reality. It shows us that, through organization and networking, it is possible to influence social structures to achieve change in favor of the migrant collective.

This network is independent and needs the support of the community to promote its work and campaigns. How can you help Poder Migrante? In the following link you can learn how to support this communication and social mobilization initiative.

Their work is very important and from DPC we will be attentive to their actions and contents!