“With desire everything is possible” | Check shares his migration experience on Canal Sur Radio’s “No Te Rindas” program

Check recently participated in an interview for the program “No Te Rindas” on Canal Sur Radio. The testimonies shared in this program seek to make visible stories of overcoming and perseverance. Check is an example of the strength and dreams that migrant youth arriving in Spain bring with them! 

Check talks about his life before emigrating from Ivory Coast, his long and difficult journey to reach Spain and how, every day after his arrival, he faces challenges that encourage him to learn and improve his life.

He is a young man with many dreams! Check loves animals and his desire is to become a veterinarian. You can listen to the full interview via the following podcast from their Sunday, January 30 broadcast (Starting at minute 39).


We thank Miguel Fernández and Canal Sur Radio for the invitation made to Check and the willingness to open their microphones for DPC. The experiences of migrants allow us to grow in empathy and spaces like “No Te Rindas” are an opportunity to dialogue and get to know each other. In the end, regardless of our origin, we all have more things in common than we imagine. “No Te Rindas” is broadcast every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. on Canal Sur Radio.