Opening the door to our home may transform a life. Check a new member of our family!

Check, one of our youngsters belonging to our STARFISH program has been taken in by Inma’s family, a friend and collaborator with DPC; an example of solidarity and sensibility which goes to show that other type of society is possible..

In the different meetings with our young “Starfish”, organized by DPC, Inma and her family participate and get to know closely the reality of the young migrants without family references, their experiences and needs.  They then begin to think if it would be positive for them to live in a family like theirs; Inma, who is a social worker and has experience in the field of migration, explains to her partner that, a support of that type, can be of great help in the process of social inclusion, the creation of support networks and new opportunities for the young ones. It was then when they both started to think about hosting.

How did they meet Check??

“I met Check because he was part of the refugee program where I work, and I always saw him as a reference for his mates, by the way they were facing the different situations they had.

He always showed great interest in learning, both the language and the local culture, and he also wanted to study in order to broaden his job opportunities. He is a boy with which you can talk about many things and also learn a lot from him” -shares Inma.

Greeting Check at home.

Without doubt, for Check this is a very important opportunity in his life for which he is very thankful..

“I want to thank everyone, especially Inma’s family. Being part of this family is great for me, emotionally and also as far as relations are concerned. It makes me feel valued in my social integration process. I feel as comfortable as if I were with my own family.”

Inma comments that the adaptation process of Check with her children has been wonderfully natural, hoping that for Check the experience will be as nice as it is for them.

Looking for Check´s country and flag

We met Inma in 2019 when she approached Diálogos Para Construir to collaborate in the Raindrops Program.  Since the beginning, she and her family showed an interest for the association’s pursuits that went further than just a collaboration as a social worker.  Now they open the door to their home to Check as one more member of the family, we can’t be more grateful!

Thanks Inma and thanks Massi, your generosity doesn’t only help Check, it also shows a type of sensibility which can make other type of society possible.