Fadiga gets his residency and work permit in Spain. Great joy for DPC!

After a long and difficult process which started in May 2019, our adorable Fadiga has obtained his residency and work permit in Spain. This huge task has been accomplished thanks to the family that is Dialogos Para Construir and the lawyers Max Adam and Andrea Bermúdez.

We are especially grateful to Fadiga for having been a great example of patience and trust, regardless of the difficulties encountered. He is a noble person who inspires us.

“In this new job I’m really happy for being with wonderful people. Getting up in the morning and knowing that I will go to work and won’t have any problems… gives me great joy”

Last June he started to work at a farm in Córdoba with one of DPC founders. Fadiga visualizes this opportunity as a starting point to grow in his job and broadening his possibilities.

“I have my future working plans, continue with my carpentry or continue to study car mechanics. I would also like to have my own business in which I can hire other people, without forgetting that I have to bring back my son.”

In Dialogos Para Construir, we met Fadiga in April 2019 and since then we started to take the necessary steps to help him in his social and labor market integration. It gives us great satisfaction to be able to share his story, which we hope it will be that of many young migrants with great personal growth desires.