Flags as symbols of personal identity A creative project inspired by our young Starfish Program participants!

Diálogos Para Construir recently participated in the presentation of a project to create flags as a symbol of personal identity, developed by students of Graphic Design at the School of Art of Seville.

This project is based on the idea of detaching flags from their limiting meaning and excluding territorial sense, and enhancing their symbolic character to reflect the identity of an individual. A creative process was developed that began with a dialogue between the students and some of the young people in our Starfish Program.

From what was transmitted in that meeting: stories, experiences, ways of thinking… the students began to work with different shapes and colors until they arrived at the final proposal, a flag that reflected the identity of each young person. Bachir, Kone and Keba participated in this project.

In the presentation of the project it was impressive to know in depth the idea and the process, but mainly, to see how each flag reflected very well the qualities and identity of the young people who participated.

Keba´s flag. Concepts: teranga, rupture, hospitality, rebirth, depth.
Kone´s flag. Concepts: positive, social, partying, family, with a spirit of improvement.
Bachir´s flag. Concepts: simplicity, serenity, evolution, knowledge, dedication, responsibility.

Kone and Keba were impressed to see the result of this work and commented excitedly:

We would like to thank Ana Lorente, Graphic Design teacher at the Seville School of Art, and students Elena Pérez and Javier Paniagua, who made the presentation and represented their classmates who were also part of this project.

At DPC we enjoyed participating in this experience! It is an example of how synergies can be made from various disciplines to create creative proposals that positively communicate issues such as migration, identity and diversity.