Alpha does not give up! His experiences shared in the radio program “No Te Rindas” are an example of courage and overcoming

Our dear Alpha recently participated in the program “No Te Rindas” broadcast on Canal Sur Radio. With his charisma and simplicity he shared part of his life in Liberia and his inclusion process when he arrived in Spain.

In the program they talked about the importance of “affection”. Alpha explains what his life has been like leaving his country, arriving in a different society, and all the affections he has cultivated by meeting many people who have welcomed him.

He comments on his passion for sports, especially soccer; and how his sports career has been fundamental to his inclusion process.

You can listen to his full interview from the following link starting at minute 14:10.

Alpha is an active collaborator of our Raindrops Program, and in every talk we do, his life testimony always impacts those who listen to him. Through the program “No Te Rindas” his story of overcoming has reached many more people; therefore, from DPC, we thank Miguel Fernández and Canal Sur Radio for this wonderful space.

“No Te Rindas” is broadcasted every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. on Canal Sur Radio.