Diálogos Para Construir presentation at the Don Bosco Foundation.

From our beginnings the Don Bosco Foundation, and more specifically Antonio Mengual, has been a mentor to us. We have shared several moments, with several learnings from our side. On December 19, 2019, the Don Bosco Foundation invited us to present our association to its workers in Extremadura and Seville.

Through a presentation conducted by Bachir, Alpha, Ramón, Marta and Susana, we exposed the foundational principles of DPC, the path walked so far and the challenges to face from now on.

Susana presented the association with emphasis on the THINK TANK project that offers the possibility to reflect on the current situation of migrants and their relationship with host communities. Always looking for solutions tailored specifically to the circumstances, we hope to come up with creative and innovative ideas for projects that can bring improvements to the immigration situation in Seville in particular and in Andalusia in general. The fact that DPC does not depend on public funds was also highlighted. These two points make a difference between DPC and other entities dedicated to similar issues.

Marta defended the intervention approach we have in DPC, with a very personalized treatment for each migrant. Each person is different and requires different attention. We are doing this “tailored” intervention with few people at the moment since we have limited resources. It is not by chance that we have adopted Galeano’s phrase “Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.” We are very grateful to those GREAT little people who accompany us by providing support networks, welcoming families, mentoring, employment opportunities… Marta explained the path taken with the five boys we are accompanying at the moment.

21 years at the service of the most vulnerable youth.

With 10 intervention programs ranging from comprehensive education in day-centers, support to migrants, residential and emancipation resources or socio-labor insertion, among others, the Don Bosco Foundation is one of our country’s references in terms of support to youth at risk of social exclusion.

An example to follow.

Diálogos Para Construir was born with the vocation to seek innovative and creative approaches to address the problems faced by the unaccompanied foreign minors who become legal adults in situations of extreme vulnerability (exmenas), always from a comprehensive and personalized approach. It was an honor that an entity of such prestige and roots remembered our work. Bachir, Alpha, Ramón, Marta and Susana thank them on behalf of DPC for this invitation and we hope to continue opening doors through the people linked to Don Bosco.

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