Diálogos Para Construir collaborates with Through our eyes in a photographic exhibition event.

We are very proud of the powerful collaboration between the DPC Raindrops Program and Through our eyes, in the framework of a photo exhibition event held at the Orpheus on November 22. This multicultural event was organized by two English volunteers who assisted refugees on the island of SAMOS, Greece.

Attendees were touched and paralyzed by the stories of what our Alpha, Bachir, Marta and Kone have seen, through their eyes …

Kone who came from Ivory Coast because his family could not support him and now studies, trains athletics and works to help his family; Bachir who left Morocco to study and have a life that was not possible in his country and today is studying with exceptional qualifications and practicing athletics; Alpha who ran from Liberia in the middle of the war when at fifteen his mother was killed in front of him and today he is working and playing football; Marta, a social worker with long and intense experience in different entities dedicated to migration, told us what they had seen “THROUGH THEIR EYES”.

Some of the guests at the event, inspired by the stories, approached to collaborate with DPC, and we are very grateful for their participation.

Through our eyes: committed photography.

Through our eyes is a photographic project that shows the daily life of asylum seekers living in the hotspot camp on the island of Samos, Greece, through their own eyes.

Behind the camera, instead of reporters or journalists, we find teenage boys and girls who have been living in this camp for months.

The young photographers are students of the Mazi Youth Center, the only educational option for them on the island, directed by the NGO Still I Rise. Founded in June 2018 by Nicolò Govoni, Giulia Cicoli and Sarah Ruzek, Mazì provides informal education and psychosocial support to children ages 12 to 17 living in the camp.

RAINDROPS: an intercultural pedagogical proposal.

The objective of RAINDROPS is to develop empathy in an integral and participatory way through the visualization and resignification of the current context regarding the arrival and permanence of migrants. Focused primarily on schools, Raindrops creates a space for collective, interactive communication and dialogue between different generations and cultures.

It is the young people of the STARFISH project who help us educate, not only the students of different schools, but also their parents and teachers through them.

Contributions to DPC make it easier for Raindrops to grow and reach many more people, which means that hundreds of young and not-so-young people can develop awareness NOW. Visit the DONATIONS section to find out the different ways in which you can help.